Aka hollywood or wildwood high school. Love, and learn as you will.

yes its' exam time and the links are all lost. So talk about Ls. the first three refer to Kerouac "on the road": Los Angeles, Lowell, Linden Boulevard, Lanciano, Leon, Lava, Lost LISTEN, LOVE, LAUREATA! Those who are interesetd in graduating from "bensonhurst bugatti blowup" bust on out billionaires bvocational technical mechanical thermodynamical, you can still proceed onward to uriel. WE ALL have to do the COR.
otherwise you might total the gemballa mirage thus wasting a TON of broccoli wads
This is a picture of a real lighthouse in Greece. The Milky Way Galaxy is in the distance.
Note that it is built on a foundation of rock, to withstand the gods of Atlantis in all their might.
we become living stones, the stones that the builders rejected.
We too need to be built on a strong foundation, like the bricks that make up the lighthouse in the picture.
First of all, an anti troll anthem: an anthem of truth...HOLD YOUR HEAD UP, found on the Haze Kings remixes.
haze kings are people whose love is so intense its like a haze to those unfamiliar with it.

Review the cor: Volcanos, thermodynamics, companies, domains, evolution, foundations, gardens, astronomy. And music..goes without saying.

As for the college ESSAY, here's your topic: Explain the relevance of these four 2013 Events all of which occured during what is now the spring trimester of Uriel Univerisity: the death of Aaron Swartz, the election of Pope Francis, the Boston marathon Bombing, the Death of Aaron Hernandez.
These events both preceded and precipitated the formal establishment of what is now Uriel University system.

MUSICAL ARTICULATION: We also ask for a song which articulates something very important to you.
It has to be from your heart..a HISTOIRE DE COEUR so to speak.
The important thing is to sing about yourself, the interior part of you.
Because there is a temptation to vendetta...but if you send them to hell you go there with them, says Santana, and we dont want to go to Hell.
So just hold your head up and tell the truth, says Odin. the norse God. who did you think we were talking about? Odin Lloyd? maybe you should ask Odin Lloyds ghost and marvin gayes ghost whats going on. Mercy Mercy Me. Truth is human destiny.

For those who are just now delving into Wiener,
please note that in addition to Cybernetics, Wiener's On the Human Use of Human Beings is also at the internet archive.
This should be considered alongside the Marlinspike, Ellison and Allen material as well as any other white papers on Self Sovereign Source, since Wiener was concerned with the same issues (cf the Golem materials).
Why do we need a cor? We surely do not want to restrict anyone's freedom of inquiry
It is intended to provide a skeletal framework for our investigations into the phenomena of reality.

as for the luna ciliegia which shows up things that otherwise would be taboo, we call them skandalon: Family, church, education, medicine, law. Scandal is part of the foundation of all of these institutions. The mere truth is like a medicine for our souls.
Musical review: Avalanches/volcanoes: somebody call 911 by sean kingston. Bugattis: Gangsta Lean by Curtis. Companies: Vive La Compagnie? Domains: Who would ever want to be king? or...Ride wit me...its the same truck that FGL uses for their stuff 12 years down the road. Question: did Weinstein build the truck for Pandora parties? Evolution: Broccoli wad.

Upon completion of the cor (leone) curriculum, now having the heart of a lion, and not before, participants are elibible to be Fellows of Engelblau College (chartered by the engelblau trust) and to travel anywhere in the University system.