Teaching love is not the same as teaching information.
In order to do both, the University distinguishes the "scandalous" materials which might prove "folly to Greeks and a stumbling block to Jews" that is, folly to those who are educated and blasphemous to those who are devout. (not mutually exclusive).

Pasolini wrote about the unhappy youth and the tragedy of drugs but it has to be placed in context, it has to be ingested in crumbs,as Luciani said.. because the truth is not only incendiary but takes time. I came to light a fire on the I wish it were already burning.the fire of the spirit of truth
wojytla wrote about the splendor of truth, thinking perhaps of Luciani the smiling one, the splendid joy, who most likely was murdered in connection wtih the Blackfriars bridge incident. It's not really a conspiracy..its just power and the broccoli wad..why is this mysterious? That we want power and money, and that our hearts tell us that power lies in sacrifice..but that hurts... so we hide..just as they did in the garden.. is that so mysterious?
So Pasolini went to the University of Bologna which is a very old university established in the middle ages to lift people out of darkness and war into the light of love.
Tolkien is more accessible than Pasolini to english speakers particularly those not familiar with the Eucharist, tolkien had the advantage of growing up as a catholic in a Protestant culture while Pasolini grew up Catholic in a post catholic culture which is a totally different thing.
Were satan real, which we are investigating, would he not strike most viciously at countries with the most Eucharistic presence? that is what burns him the most, like acid..the love of christ.
Berman's analysis of "the law" is good here because remember, Jesus came a cropper of hte law, he said "I have not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it" yet the law executed him anyway in favor of Barrabas because hold onto power by any means necessary..let the assassin loose and rule with an iron hand but do not allow people to be free!.
It's like the difference between Javelin love which spears your heart and incapacitates you, (speaking from experience here) versus Jackass love which just makes you more all about yourself than you already were.
Jesus is all about the javelins and Guess who is all about the jackasses? Read St Ignatius...and Think about it.
Or if you dont like that read about the forgotten inkling and his analysis of love, you can take whatever path you choose as long as you end up in the Heart of Love.HOME

Here is a comment from the attorney who would have defended Aaron Swartz at his April Trial, to put your toe in the sea of scandal that does exist..the scandal of truth.The trolling of Aaron swartz, in the words of his advocate
What the government and MIT really were angry at is being exposed as powerhungry...which they of course are...
We say this because not even a year before Aaron hanged himself Edx went online..MIT open courseware...trying to hold back the sea of change is understandable but driving someone to suicide?
So even if you use the MIT lectures in Thermodynamics, check out UCI also with Robert Rangel and the history of the bugatti...broaden your mind..get a perspective....

Moving into Thurday and Evolution...according to Wiener, what do Darwin, Daedelus, and Descartes have to do with dynamics and in your opinion what does this have to do with the evolution of domains, from geographic to informational, and with Democracy? Who is Demos by the way? This doesnt mean you're getting a D in anything except maybe a Doctorate (which was the only degree bologna offered for a long time according to internet sources) so DOnt worry!