Yes we will get to Uriel's University but remember "AD ASTRA PER ASPERA."
Also, yes we can mess around with code all we want as long as people are able to comprehend the website even if they are new to it.
The Angels want us to get straight As anyways but we need to learn Albanileria of Agape to access the Angelic Acropolis.
Ok? This is like the common core, but based on your heart, the human heart where we make connections and where we live.
Does this appeal to you?
Does it speak not only to your mind, but to your heart as well?
For in fact, while you may think this is a luxury, educating our hearts is very sound economics.
In point of plain fact, how much money and how many lives are spent on weapons, drugs, border walls, criminal courts, prisons, domestic violence programs, mental hospitals, etc.
All of this money could be saved through love.
Why, the entire military budget (including surveillance) of the world could be eliminated!
for this reason, what is offered to us all here has an inestimable value.
So...Universe...Grotto...Lighthouse...Heart. Are we ready?

So we start at the beginning with Pinocchio. It doesn't matter if you're a little kid or not, we all need to start out by learning to be good and not be jackasses.
Pinocchio Even the Black Eyed Peas, (made famous by Elton Johns classic satire of macho rednecks "elderberry wine") made a song mentioning Pinocchio back in the same year Hitch was trying in vain to teach Brennaman how to boogie.

How many padrinos would love to learn to read but are ashamed to admit they don't know how, and sit in a room with a crowd of little kids.
(To be honest its enough to make someone weep without even being pierced with a Javelin!
Did you know that the City of Corleone is the city of churches? Well, now you know.)Now, thankfully, with the internet, all Padrinos can learn their ABCs right here as long as they get Moxie on board because we know how padrinos tend to avoid the internet. And Moxie while you're here translate ABC into 123 because we're not all Michael Jackson afficionados and we're not all block chain experts either.
And now because there are no cornettos call TMZ because we're going to eat cold cereal.
Can we sell the nerd bomber bio to the TMZ editors? COO COO

If you pass pinocchio's test and manage to get out of the whale's belly, you proceed to Middle Earth Middle School where you will be recruited for a grand adventure.
Like Pippin, you may say "Great! Where are we going?
Glad you asked...we're headed to Mount Doom with the Fellowship to throw the ring into the fire.
We're all in it together and as Galadriel says, "Hope remains, while the company is true".
readers of the book will remember that Gandalf advised Elrond that it was more important that Merry and Pippin were friends than any wisdom or power they lacked. "trust to (or conFIDE in) friendship" said the wizard, who as it turns out was really an angel.
Foundation Fridays (venerdis of Venus of Volcanos of Valangas of vitality) of Friendship with Frassati Forged from the Ferro in the Fateful Fire of the Fearless Fellowship.. is that not the deFINition of FEDE? note: the Italian word for Wound is the same as iron, ferito..Christians will understand that the bond of suffering (does that word also come from ferro) is the strongest. The one who has not suffered cannot love. So cut the flim flam short lets eat some FOCACCIA around the FOCOLARE.

The next stage was based on a quotation that Pasolini said to the fictional genariello:
They will teach you not to shine. but you shine, Genariello.
Because there will come a moment when Frodo is alone and has to bear the burden alone, and this happens to all of us.
We need to have a light beside us that will shine, our angel, our friend.
Especially when we suffer sexually based violence, which is why this part of the curriculum needs to be smoothed out in some way, because the people who perpetrate this sort of violence who most likely were victims of it at some point) become extremely disturbed when they are called out.
Be calm, and hold your head up.(Argent)

IT is now time to present yourself for admission at ENGELBLAU COLLEGE, the gateway to the University!!!!